Collabtive 0.6.1 released

We are happy to announce that Collabtive 0.6.1 is released today. The latest version Collabtive 0.6.1 is an updated version of Collabtive 0.6 with 15 bugs rectified including security issues and is also available with Greek translation.

All users are requested to update their software to the new Collabtive 0.6.1 version. For complete update details please refer changelog.txt available with Collabtive archive.


Save your database for safety back up in another location before updating the new version of the software.

Steps for Updating the Software

1 Open Collabtive archive

2 Retrieve config.php from your server

3 Paste the config.php in /config/standard/     in to the folder where the archive was opened from and replace the blank one.

4 Upload all the files to your server to replace any old Collabtive files.

5 Point your browser to update.php

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